Personal Projectors at Bett 2017

I was drawn to the Personal Projectors stand at the Bett show this year. There were some great mini projectors on display; some battery powered, wireless and with brighter image projection than the ones I saw a year ago.
I particularly liked the ultra portable projectors, ranging in price from £250 to £700, my favourite being the Pico Genie M550 Plus, Short Throw Wireless LED HD Projector (650 lumens with battery / mains), for £599.99. Details of this and all of their other offerings can be found at

New Chromebooks demoed at Bett

Google at Bett 2017This was to be my first post focusing on one of the offerings on display at the Bett show, which I found interesting, on the day I attended. However, everything I wanted to say about the presentation by Google’s Tony Wong, and the details he gave about the upcoming new generation of Chromebooks, were covered in an excellent article by NAVEEN VISWANATHA on the eSchool News website. 

Rather than write it all again, here is the link to Naveen’s article, covering everything I wanted to say…